Animation Highlight Reel cover photo

Animation Highlight Reel

Published on March 15, 2023

By Alex Grant


Our team has had the opportunity to create many animations for projects over the years. We usually use animation to supplement a video, but often we are creating entirely animated projects. At our company, we use animation as a term that defines any motion graphic, animated text, and animated photo. We create a lot of animated company logos, text callouts, animated call to actions, and even character animations. We have created many training videos that require a lot of text callouts and bulleted lists. Some would say this is less than exciting work– which, for the record, sometimes is– but I do find a lot of enjoyment in this. I view creating animated lists as a creative challenge.

I usually use this example:

When the job is to make a sports car look fun and exciting, not much creativity goes into that. Anyone can make a sports car look exciting as sports cars are an inherently exciting thing. When the job is to make paint drying look exciting, that requires a significant amount of extra thought and creativity. Paint drying is factually boring. It is a creative challenge to bring excitement and engagement to paint drying.

Bulleted lists are boring. It is a fun and creative challenge to make them engaging while also figuring out the best way to make them readable and to display the correct information. When I have to make a series of 20 training videos, I need to find enjoyment in the little things.

Above is our 2023 Animation Reel. This is a quick demo highlighting the different types of animations we have created over the years.

If you have an animation project you would like to create, please reach out!

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