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What Events need a Video for my Business?

Published on September 7, 2022

By Alex Grant

Video is a versatile tool that can be used in many ways to complement and strengthen your business, but that’s the important thing to remember about video— it’s a tool.If you want to effectively use video for you business, it helps to view video in this perspective, and lean towards using it as a supporting material to accomplish the goals of larger campaigns.One way to do this is to incorporate video into planned events, both internally and externally, for your business.

In the era of COVID, most of us have grown accustomed to virtual meetings, which can be a great venue to utilize pre-produced video content, but even as we return to the office and to in person meetings and events, video can still be a useful inclusion to break up the monotony and increase engagement among attendees.Our videos have been used to aid in employee onboarding, showcasing new products or services, and to spice up the necessary-but-often-less-than-enthralling sales reports that often come with company events.But these are by no means the limit of what video can be used for within your business.We’ve also produced award ceremony videos, messages from the CEO or other remote guests, and more recently “welcome back” videos for those returning to the office — basically anything that needs to be said with a little extra flare can be reinforced with video.

Beyond including video within meetings and events, the events themselves are a great place to gather video content for future use.These occasions naturally gather your people together in a social setting, making them an easy place to capture video footage of happy employees interacting, and soundbites about employee experiences or other topics of interest.These videos can be captured with a specific goal in mind, or just as a way to build a collection of video content to supplement future planned video projects — trust me, regardless of the type of video you’re producing for your business, this type of content is always a nice balance to what we might be able to capture during a typical workday.In the past we’ve covered charity events held by local businesses to showcase their commitment to the community, we’ve live-streamed sales meetings, and have set up on-site interview sessions to capture employee testimonials, but again, the only limit to the options is your imagination.If you can think it, we can probably do it!

Moving beyond our usual gigs, there are almost infinite “events” you can make videos for. We predominantly work with larger corporations so the above examples are from that perspective. You may be a small business, which means you have the opportunity to get a little more creative with your video content. An “event” doesn’t have to be formal sales meeting or a workplace volunteer outing or any other large gathering. For small businesses, an event can be something that is much more intimate. It can be the early morning preparations of a bakery. It can be a corner store stocking the shelves with a new product. It can be a gym celebrating a new employee. All of the small moments that make up your business can be made into a video. With the right creative team at your disposal, video can help showcase your small business as it truly is. Authenticity and transparency are two attributes that are currently very important to consumers.

Hopefully this quick overview of capabilities and recommendations for event videography have given you some ideas on how it might be able to help your business.


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